The Perfect Boyfriend Blazer


A good boyfriend blazer is hard to find, but I managed to nab the perfect one during my recent trip to the Housing Works Buy The Bag sale. Made of 100% wool, this mint-condition vintage piece fits like a dream and its classic tweed fabric is definitely on-trend for fall. And best of all, it cost me just $0.55! 


I recently wore the blazer to work, and it served as the perfect compromise on a day when it was too chilly to go without a layer, but too warm for an actual jacket. I paired it with a super-old cowl-neck top (cost unknown--I think this one might actually date back to high school!) and a forest green pencil skirt ($4.15, Forever 21), then added a brown belt, also scored at a Buy The Bag event ($1.80). The look--minus the top--came out to a grand total of $6.50.