Something Old, Something Borrowed


Due to some very limited closet space and a surplus of existing clothing, I've been trying to cut down a bit on my thrift shopping habits. It can be easy to get addicted to that feeling of wearing something new (even if by new, I mean used), but eventually, even the most treasured pieces lose some of that "new feeling" luster. (It's especially easy to fall victim to this cycle when documenting your wardrobe for a fashion blog!) But instead of constantly feeding that craving for new things by buying more stuff, I've made an effort to create new outfits out of things I already own--and even raid friends' closets for a few borrowed accessories.


Remember my black-and-white striped blouse ($1.99) from Cauz for Pawz? I pulled it out of temporary retirement this week, pairing it with a patterned blazer ($8, H&M) to create a little print mixing. I added an old black peplum mini (cost unknown, Forever 21) and a gorgeous black and silver necklace borrowed from a fashionable friend (free!), finishing off the look with my fave pumps from Rena Reborn ($25, also worn in my last post). My total outfit came out to $10, minus the cost of the skirt, and head-to-toe with shoes, the entire ensemble was $35.