Garden State Soiree


I recently attended a family celebration in New Jersey and got a chance to re-experience some classic suburban perks, including a huge house, sprawling lawn and fully-loaded BBQ. And because the event was a kids' birthday party, another bonus was unlimited pony rides in the front yard. Although a pony had never been a part of my own pre-NYC lifestyle, it was definitely refreshing to enjoy little things like a freshly mowed lawn again, and the party made me just a little wistful for the suburbia of my childhood.

The party was primarily outdoors, and because the weather was hot and humid, I wore a comfy, black jersey maxi skirt, some white sandals (cost unknown for both) and a cute yellow lace tank ($1.50) I found at the Underground Thrift Stuff A Sack sale. While yellow isn't a color I typically wear, I love the pastel shade on this top and its precious Peter Pan collar!

juluy 2 2013 202.JPG
With Apple, one of TWO ponies at the party

With Apple, one of TWO ponies at the party