Haute To Tote


Happy Friday thrifters! Since making the move to NYC, I've realized that a major necessity for any gal-on-the-go is a reusable bag. Without a car to stash things in, I use a tote bag pretty much everyday to carry things like an extra pair of flats, groceries and even my dog Koko. Plus, with all the thrifting I do, a reusable tote is one more easy way to keep the process eco-friendly. (Consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading even promote the habit via their charitable Tokens For Bags and No Plastic Bag programs.)


Of course, it's always a plus when your tote is as stylish as it is sturdy, and so I was super excited when my cousin Hazel--the mastermind designer behind my site logo--recently surprised me with a pair of amazing Tales From The Thrift tote bags. They're definitely my new go-to totes--I love their super-hardy leather straps, plus, the black-and-white color scheme means they're easy to pair with any outfit. I took them out for a quick photo shoot this weekend wearing my Dolce and Gabbana heels ($9, including DIY repair), a pink embroidered skirt ($1.87, from Buy The Bag), a black Betsey Johnson crop ($1.99, Cauz for Pawz) and pink bow (free!). Will definitely be stuffing these totes full of thrifted finds soon!