Awesome Blossoms


I've been spotting black and white floral pants all over the blogosphere for a while now (like this Topshop pair, and this H&M spinoff), and while I love the look, it was definitely a trendy item I didn't want to invest too much moolah in. So when I stumbled across a pair in my size at a recent Cure Thrift Shop dollar sale, I was super pumped. I wore the pants to work this week, and since it's prime summertime, I kept things cool and breezy with the lightweight Vince blouse ($1.50) I scored at the Underground Thrift Store Stuff a Sack sale.


With the pants just a $1, the outfit (including some $0.50 bangles from Goodwill and my $1 Pamela Love earrings from a Buffalo Exchange sale) came out to just $4. And then head-to-toe with shoes, everything still came out to just $24. Not too shabby. This also goes to prove just how quickly on-trend items can trickle down to the thrift shop, and if you're willing to wait a bit, you can easily snag a (sustainable!) hot look for a fraction of its original cost. 


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