Cloudy With A Chance Of Bourbon


Since walking is a primary mode of transportation here in NYC, dressing for the occasional rainstorm is always tricky--one minute you're cold and wet, then a half-mile and one subway platform later you're hot, sweating and kinda frizzy. It's especially challenging if you're trying to arrive somewhere looking half-way decent. Last week, I made the trek to a rainy rooftop on the west side for a bourbon cocktail party, and was on the hunt for an outfit that was both stylish and weather-sensible.


I ended up wearing a navy and gray floral dress ($10, Goodwill) cinched with a faux leather belt ($2, flea market), and layered with a gray wool cardigan ($1.87, Buy The Bag). Thanks to Google Maps, I knew I was going to do a bit of walking, so I kept things comfy with a pair of Dolce Vita metallic flats ($10, Goodwill) and threw on my basic trench coat ($20, TJ Maxx) to protect against the elements. My outfit cost came to roughly $14, and head-to-toe--including the coat--everything came to $44. 


Despite the clouds, the view from the rooftop was amazing, and a series of tents helped keep the crowd (mostly) dry. The party--which was hosted by Knob Creek--served up signature cocktails and a whole pig roast--a delicious antidote to the rain!

Getting served some pig roast by Food Network's Pat LaFrieda.

Getting served some pig roast by Food Network's Pat LaFrieda.