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Burgundy Brunch

Burgundy Brunch


My number-one rule for lazy summer Sundays is to keep. things. simple. After spending last Sunday morning (and let's be honest, most of the afternoon) in bed watching reruns, my friend and I eventually decided it was time we drag ourselves out of the house and find something to eat besides leftover pita chips and hummus. Since our favorite brunch deal was set to expire in just over an hour, I quickly threw on a basic t-shirt and shorts ensemble--with a few stylish twists.

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Instead of the usual cotton tee, I went with a silk burgundy t-shirt I scored from Unique Thrift Store ($3) in Brooklyn, and I contrasted its luxe look with some decidedly non-luxe cutoffs ($1.87, from HW's Buy The Bag sale). I added some easy interest with a borrowed statement necklace and dug out a pair of comfy wedges from TJ Maxx that I've had since high school. With the borrowed necklace, the total outfit cost just under $5. (I don't remember what I paid for the shoes, but since I was mostly likely earning minimum wage at the time of purchase, I think it's safe to assume they were cheap!)


For brunch, we headed to our usual spot--Cafe Orlin in the East Village. The food here is consistently good and comes out quick, plus the outdoor seating option means I can always bring my dog. The only downside is that Cafe Orlin's brunch lines can get pretty long--especially for larger groups--so I highly recommend staying in bed and watching TV 'til 2:30pm before heading over to ensure a very short wait. 

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