Weekday Watercolors


It's officially summer in NYC, and it is hot, hot, hot. For casual office Fridays, that means it's time to pair lightweight tanks with bright skinnies, and top it off with an easy-to-shed layer. Last week, I wore my teal jeans ($10, also worn here) from Crossroads Trading Co. in Williamsburg and a watercolor print tank ($3.50) found at the Unique Thrift Store Memorial Day sale. I also added a white cardigan ($5.49, Forever 21) to keep things modest, as well as stay warm in my over-airconditioned cubicle. With my belt ($6, NY&Co.), the outfit cost came to around $25, and with shoes, ($20, Payless), everything totaled $45. 


After work, I met a friend for some shopping, and we cooled off with some iced coffee from Madman Espresso on East 14th Street. With the weather approaching 90 degrees, my cardigan quickly found its way into my "Thrift It" tote bag, which was an amazing birthday gift from a close friend and fellow thrifter!