Williamsburg Waterfront


Last week, I spent a gorgeous morning walking Koko near the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn. But because Williamsburg is such a hotbed for fashion-forward hipsters, it's hard for me to run even the briefest, most mundane errands there without sporting something at least a little stylish. On this particular day, I pulled out a shrunken sweatshirt from the Universitas Indonesia, which I dug out of the bargain basement at Cauz for Pawz for just $1.99. I also wore my favorite, super-comfy Uniqlo jeans, purchased for $1.87 as part of my last Buy the Bag haul, and the suede loafers I scored from Goodwill for $12.99.


Right before I headed out the door, however, I remembered a recent turban video tutorial from style and beauty blogger Donna Kim, and grabbed a dark turquoise scarf I had purchased but never worn ($1.87, also from Buy the Bag). I followed the vid, and voila! Instant, easy turban head wrap! The whole casual-but-cute look--from the head wrap down to the loafers--totaled just under $19.


After walking Koko and grabbing some iced coffee, I headed deeper into Williamsburg for a quick lunch at Graham Avenue Meats And Deli. If you're looking for an authentic Italian sandwich made with amazing meats and cheeses, this place is hands-down the best sandwich I've had in New York. Plus, with a Willie's Italian Special (my personal fave, packed with mortadella, soppressata, capicola, provolone, arugula and peppers) priced at just $8.75, it's also kind of a steal.