Rooftop Lounging


Because private outdoor space is so precious in NYC, having access to a sweet rooftop is one of the major perks of high-rise living. Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to live in ritzy high-rises, but you can always befriend someone who does, and offer to man the grill at the next BBQ. When the weather's gorgeous, it pays to have friends in (literal!) high places. 


I spent an afternoon last week lounging at my boyfriend's rooftop in Brooklyn, and stayed to watch the sun set over the Williamsburg Bridge. I wore a green lace skirt and crossbody from Goodwill ($5.99 and $4.99), my white peplum shirt ($1.99, which I also wore here) and some funky vintage wedges ($3.99, also scored at Goodwill). When I spotted the shoes a few months ago, I was totally on fence about them, but their cutouts and chunky, 90s-inspired silhouette won me over in the end. Head to toe, everything came out to just $17.