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Buffalo Exchange's AMAZING $1 Earth Day Sale

Lining up for the annual $1 sale at BX's East Village location.

Lining up for the annual $1 sale at BX's East Village location.

Happy (belated) Earth Day everyone! I celebrated early this weekend by attending the Buffalo Exchange Earth Day $1 Sale, which dedicated all proceeds to stopping cosmetics testing on animals via The Humane Society of the United States. It's yet another great cause, and on top of that, an AMAZING sale.

Now I've been to my fair share of close-out, bargain thrift sales and even other dollar sales, but the BX Earth Day Sale outranks them all in terms of quality, ease and value. It was so great, in fact, that I'm almost tempted to keep the details of this sale a secret. Lucky for you, my urge to brag on this blog is far greater...

I first found out about the sale on Twitter, which, by the way, is an excellent resource for ferreting out future thrift/consignment store sales/markdowns. After confirming that the sale would be at all BX locations (NYC has four), I decided I'd head to the chain's East Village location, which, despite its small size, has a high density of fairly-priced designer and high-end pieces. 

The sale started at 11am, and my friends and I were greeted by a relaxed line of 10 other shoppers at around 10:40. By 10:55, however, that line had expanded nearly threefold. While we were waiting, the friendly BX staff began dragging clothing racks and plastic bins outside, and we were able to catch glimpses of potential targets as they hung and organized the merchandise. Once the clock struck 11, we were given a "GO!" signal and everyone in the line rushed the racks. 

It was definitely a grab-fest, with people throwing anything that looked even mildly appealing over their arms, waiting until later to scrutinize each item carefully. The racks were pretty much ravaged within the first 10 or 15 minutes, but people later put their perfectly-fine-but-just-the-wrong-size and will-I-really-wear-this? items back on the racks after the initial rush. Items in bins were slightly overlooked, as the racks were easier to access, but I ended up pulling a lot of great garments out of them. I also noticed that a ton of items still had retail tags on them, which meant that many of the $1 sale items were brand new.

After paring down a 30-item pile, I ended up with 20 items, including highlights like a BRAND NEW Betsey Johnson dress, a silk Matthew Williamson cardigan, a velvet Valentino pencil skirt and a Michael Kors dress. All for ONE DOLLAR. I'll probably be insufferable for the rest of the month, as I put these $1 pieces into rotation and tell everybody and anybody within a five-foot radius that my shirt/skirt/dress/etc. cost less than their lunch. Thrifting for the win!

If you make it to next year's BX Earth Day $1 Sale, a few tips:
- The sale is cash or personal check only--no cards are accepted
- Bring a large, reusable bag or two--they only offer thin, plastic trash bags that are hard to carry and can break
- If you see someone waffling on some attractive items in your size, let them know that you want to look at anything they decide to put back
- Unless it's a jacket, you can't try anything on--but c'mon, you're only risking a dollar!
- Get there early! While lining up super early doesn't give you a HUGE advantage, getting there right before 11 definitely does

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