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Spring Score: Pastel and Floral Blazer

Every year, its seems like all the fashion magazines, blogs and stylists predict some combo of floral and/or pastel color trends for spring. And every year, everyone is all like, "NO KIDDING." Spring florals and pastels--what could be more obvious and more perfect?

This year is no exception, and pastels are popping up everywhere, on all kinds of clothing and accessories, and even makeup. The classic floral print, meanwhile, has moved past the usual dresses and skirts and is now a fave for things like shoes and tailored jackets

I've been especially enamored with the pastel AND floral jackets I've seen online, like this one, this one and especially this one. (It's not pastel, but I also love this bright teal one!) So I've been on the hunt for a similar piece, and while plenty of retailers are stocking them, I was on the lookout for something more within my thrifting price range (ideally under $10!). Thrifting is especially useful when you're looking for a trendier, more seasonal piece, since the cost of investment is lower. And if you're over it by summer? No big deal.

Today, I came across this pastel and floral blazer at ClosetDash, an online shop and "swap" store that deals in secondhand clothing and accessories. Best of all, jackets were 50% off, so I scored this linen/cotton baby for only $5. And in order to save on shipping (which would have tacked on another $5), I opted to pick it up at ClosetDash's brick-and-morter store for free. I think it'll be perfect for spring, with some rolled up sleeves and cropped jeans--stay tuned for pics!

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