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Budget-Friendly Brunch

"Can I get a croissant?"

"Can I get a croissant?"

As much as I love eating breakfast fare in the afternoon, brunch in NYC can definitely take a toll on your wallet. But it can be hard to say no, since Saturday/Sunday brunches are scientifically proven to be THE most effective way to rehash last night's events, while simultaneously nursing your hangover.

To save money, a few friends and I have instituted Potluck Brunch. Each person contributes one or two items (like eggs, turkey bacon, croissants and orange juice) to create a delicious brunch for a fraction of the cost. Besides the savings, another bonus is getting to curl up on the host's couch afterwards, enjoying cinematic gems like Bring It On and Drumline. 

Despite the fact that it's technically spring here in NYC, it's still pretty cold out, so I pulled out one of my recent sweater finds for today's potluck. I fell in love with this multicolored, sequined ZOA sweater at Cure Thrift Shop in the East Village last month. Incidentally, the store was clearing out its winter stock and all clothing was 75% off, so I scored the sweater for only $8! Moral of the story: It always pays to stalk your favorite thrift shops near the end of the season.


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