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Tales From Texas

Visiting the Alamo. Shirt, $2.50  at Boysville Auxillary Thrift Shop.

Visiting the Alamo. Shirt, $2.50  at Boysville Auxillary Thrift Shop.

Howdy ya'll. Just got back from reuniting with old friends for a wedding in San Antonio, Texas last week. Despite having a very limited amount of time together, I managed to convince everyone to spare a few precious hours and check out the San Antonio thrift scene with me. Cue a quick Yelp search and we were on our way to Boysville Auxillary Thrift Shop (one dollar sign, four-and-a-half stars--definitely my kind of place!), run by the Boysville Auxillary children's shelter. 

They say everything in Texas is bigger and, coming from an NYC perspective, the Boysville Auxillary Thrift was no exception. I think we were able to comb through just a fourth of the store? And despite its warehouse-looking exterior, the store was well-organized, clean and there were even some makeshift dressing rooms. The only drawback was that because I had arrived in San Antonio with a suitcase bursting at the seams, I was definitely limited in what I could take home. I fell in love with a pearl-detailed cocktail dress, but because of a slight problem with fit (and at $20, too much to tailor, IMO), I walked away with just two vintage-style button-ups (one on sale for $2.50, the other for $6) and a pair of cropped jeans for $7. Not too shabby.

On our way to lunch, we drove past a behemoth appropriately called the Texas Thrift Store. Of course, we didn't have time to stop, but it was probably for the best--my suitcase wouldn't have stood a chance. Until next time TX! 

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