Amazing Technicolor Dream Sweater


Hey thrifters! If you've been having trouble accessing the blog over the last day or two, my apologies--my web host, Squarespace, was suffering something called a DDoS attack (and if you're anything like me and totally unfamiliar with internet-speak, this is what that means). But it appears as though everything is finally back up and running, and so it's back to the regularly scheduled post!

Remember this amazing multicolored sweater from Cure Thrift Shop I first posted back in March? I originally wore it with a belt and black leggings for a casual brunch party, but because this $8 find is totally versatile and has a touch of sparkle, I was inspired to work it into a look perfect for some post-work holiday cocktails. (With the insane amount of parties and events this time of year, it's nearly impossible to create a whole new holiday wardrobe from scratch on a budget, so I usually try to maximize what I already have in my closet!)


I paired the sweater with a white button-up ($7, from TJ Maxx), and the blue pencil skirt I snagged at the Orlando Goodwill for just $2 (last worn here!). I finished off the festive look a gold belt (cost unknown, from NY&Co) and a gifted black and gold clutch, plus a pair of colorful, gifted earrings. Head-to-toe with my classic Zara pumps ($25, from Rena Reborn), the whole holiday ensemble came out to just around $42. 

cure thrift store.jpeg