Hip To Be Square

betsey johnson sweater.jpeg

Happy Friday thrifters! It's freezing out here in NYC, which means it's time to break out the serious, heavy-duty sweaters. I dug out one of my fave sweater finds for an event last week--a cute, square-patterned Betsey Johnson sweater I scored at Crossroads Trading Co. for around $15 last year. It's got a bit of a mod vibe to it, which I love, and it's perfect to pair with leggings. For the party, however, I was going for a slightly dressier vibe, so I turned the sweater into a sweater dress by layering a blue pencil skirt ($2, found during my trip to the Goodwill Orlando) underneath, and adding a critical couple of inches of extra fabric. (Luckily, the skirt's shade is a near match to the sweater's blue bits.)

thrifted sweater.jpeg
mod sweater.jpeg
sweater dress.jpeg

I added a pair of black tights for warmth, slipped on my black Zara heels ($25, Rena Reborn) and finished off the look with a set of silver rings I found on Ebay for just over $4 and a black and silver belt ($6, NY&Co). Head-to-toe with shoes, the full party look came out to just $52.