Countryside Crimson


I'm still trying to recover from last night's Thanksgiving feast at my parents' house upstate, so today it's sweatpants and a hoodie for the trek back home. But yesterday, in the spirit of the holiday, I debuted my crimson red Tahari blazer, found during my trip to Goodwill Orlando last week. (You can check out more from my Orlando adventures here and here!) I totally love the blazer's rich color and, as an added bonus, it doesn't wrinkle, which is perfect for an anti-ironer like myself. 


I paired my blazer with a vintage turtleneck sweater and faux-snakeskin purse, both of which I dug out of the Orlando Goodwill clearance section, where everything was priced at 99 cents a pound. Since I snagged seven items that weighed a total of six pounds, costing about $6, the turtleneck and purse came out to roughly 85 cents each. Along with my thrifted finds, I rocked a pair of leather leggings ($3.99, from a discount clothing store in Queens), a statement necklace ($8, from a street vendor), some borrowed black booties and a black hat ( $10, purchased at a random store in a subway station). Head to toe, with my $6 sunnies, the whole look came out to just under $30.


Since I'm on the road, I'm missing out on today's "Green Friday" sales in NYC, but if you're around the metro area, there are some great deals to be had at places like Housing Works Buy The Bag, Goodwill, The Cancer Care Thrift Shop and more. Check out the list of participating stores and their discounts here! Happy hunting!