Leather Weather


I love me some leather in the fall and winter, be it faux or the real deal purchased secondhand. And while you can't go wrong with a classic leather jacket, there are so many ways to wear and layer leather that it'd be a shame to stick to a single piece. I decided to go on the hunt for some secondhand leather (and pleather) online, and found some great options on ThredUp. (Check out my last ThredUp roundup here!) Below are links to a couple of my faves, but you can also check out the site's entire collection of pre-loved leather right here. Happy hunting!

1. Bebe Leather Vest - $22.49
2. Zara Leather Dress - $20.49
 3. Escapade Leather Trim Jacket - $11.99
  4. Gap Leather Skirt - $14.49