All Thrifted Everything


Every so often, I'll randomly piece together an outfit and, after a quick review in the mirror, realize that the entire look was thrifted. This happy incident happened this weekend, when I inadvertently wore a head-to-toe thrifted look to a friend's football-viewing party in Williamsburg. 


The super thrifty ensemble started off with my vintage daisy-print dress ($4.50, The Sharing Place Thrift Shop), which I last wore to a late summer cocktail party. To repurpose it for fall, I added some black tights (purchased brand new from Goodwill last year, cost unknown) and my chunky Michael Kors sweater ($1.50) from Underground Thrift's Stuff a Sack sale. I finished off the cozy look with a brown faux-leather belt ($1.80) a pair of comfy brown leather boots ($0.55), both of which were scored at Buy the Bag sales


The full outfit, with shoes, came out to just over $8, making it one of my thriftiest head-to-toe looks of all time.