Girl On Fire


The best thing about the weather changing is that you get a chance to dig up all your favorite clothes from the prior year, some of which you might have totally forgotten about. It's (almost) like getting a new wardrobe! After a few weeks of warmer-than-usual October weather, last weekend finally brought a full-on fall chill, and I was able to rediscover of my fave finds--a vintage, fiery red sweater purchased last spring.


This oversized sweater is amazing for two reasons. First of all, it has some awesome gold fringe beading, and second of all, it was just $6 at Cure Thrift Shop during an end-of-the-season 75% off sale. (Even though its regular prices are a tad high, Cure Thrift consistently has amazing, semi-regular sales, including plenty of half-off and dollar sale events. Check out some of my other Cure Thrift sale finds here and here.) 


I wore my super-cozy sweater with a pair of faux leather leggings ($4) and layered a gold-studded white button-up ($7, TJ Maxx) underneath. For accessories, I added a hat borrowed from fellow blogger Sunita V, who scored it for around $1 at a Housing Works Buy the Bag sale, and a borrowed faux leather-and-suede bag. The outfit came out to around $17, and head-to-toe with shoes ($20, purchased at an Urban Outfitters end-of-season sale) everything came out to $37.