Shearling Chic

Temps have dropped again here in NYC, which makes it so much harder to A., get outta bed in the morning, and B., look like you actually care about what you wear. I've been relying on my trusty puffer coat (which I thrifted ages ago and is still holding up strong!) for the past week, but since the giant puffy marshmallow look gets old fast, I was excited to switch things up with this cozy faux shearling coat ($34) that recently came c/o Make Me Chic.

One thing that I especially love about this coat is the cropped cut--it helps make my legs look super long! And the oversized, boxy shape means it's plenty cozy and offers unlimited layering options. Definitely planning to get a few more wears out of this one before the winter wraps up.

I paired the coat with some skinny jeans, which are the same Mango Outlet pair I raved about in my last post, but in a black denim wash. (They fit like a dream, and were only $20, and are still available in several other washes here, here and here!) I also rocked a light purple sweater scored for around $9 during my shopping adventures in Bangkok, and my fave over-the-knee boots (around $40 from Amazon--this black color is awaiting a restock, but they're available in other colors here!). Adding in my $10 sunglasses and a gifted gray bag, the whole outfit came out to $113.

New Year's Sleeve

We're wrapping up January and just kicked off the Year of the Rooster, but I'm also gonna go out on a limb and call 2017 the official Year of the Sleeve. Exaggerated, detailed and ruffled sleeves have been popping up all over the place lately, and I'm loving it. There's something so fun and festive about a bell sleeve or a bunch of ruffles, and I've been snapping up several budget-friendly, big-sleeved finds over the past few months. This ruffle-sleeved gingham top that Make Me Chic recently sent over fits right into the mix, and the fact that it's only $23 makes it an easy commitment. :)

I paired the top with my other fave recent score: this pair of perfect skinny jeans from Mango Outlet. Seriously people, jeans are like the toughest things ever to buy, especially if you tend of fall between regular sizes like I do. My hips and thighs require a size 6 or bigger, but then the jeans tend to end up loose around my waist, ugh. So while I have a tonnnn of different jeans purchased at all different price points, hardly any of them fit QUITE RIGHT. So when I do find a pair that fit, I definitely stock up. These skinnies are perfect for my body type, and they're just the right amount of high-waisted. Oh, and did I mention they're on sale for just $20?!? This specific cut (Super Slim Fit Andrea) is currently available on the site in four different washes, and I ended up buying them all--that's how obsessed I am!

I finished off the look with a cute cabbie hat, which I took a chance on after stumbling across it for under $7 on Amazon (such a deal!). I was a little skeptical of the quality and suspected it would take eons to ship, but I was pleasantly surprised by the faux-suede material and it ended up arriving way faster than estimated. I added my black Forever 21 oxfords (purchased on sale for $18 a while ago, but linking to a similar style below!), a pair of $10 sunnies and a burgundy bag ($15) scored while shopping in Thailand, the whole shebang came out to around $93.

In The Red

thrifted red coat

Anyone else tend to over-schedule their weekend, and then end up totally drained Monday morning?? I definitely overdid it on the extracurriculars, with dinner and drinks on Friday, the Women's March in NYC (which was amazing, btw!) and an impromptu dinner party on Saturday, and then blog stuff and errands all day Sunday. I'm currently feeling like I need a second weekend just to recover from my first. With all the craziness, I've been a bit behind on the blog posts, and have been long overdue in sharing this snowy day look, which was so much fun to shoot, despite the cold. NYC is just oh-so-photogenic during a snowfall!

budget fashion blogger

Obviously, warmth was the #1 priority with this look, so I layered my thrifted Calvin Klein coat (scored for under $20, new with tags, at the Salvation Army Coat Sale!) over another thrifted item, a thick faux fur-trimmed cardigan found for around $13 at Goodwill. The fur component is seriously clutch, since it keeps my neck super toasty and negates the need for a scarf, which is definitely high on the list of Top 5 items I'm most likely to lose somewhere (right behind sunglasses and umbrellas). Somehow I'm a lot less likely to leave a huge cardi behind at a restaurant!

budget fashion blogger

Underneath, I rocked a basic pink mock-neck top (gifted) and a pair of black skinny jeans (around $15 at Forever 21), along with a pair of Primark booties ($26). Adding in my $6 street vendor sunnies (which I recently broke in an over-packed suitcase, RIP!) and a gray leather bag (a Christmas gift from Mom), the whole snow-ready look came out to around $80.

budget fashion blogger