Old Habits

printed pants

Had a fast fashion relapse this past week--old habits die hard! I was having one of those I-have-nothing-to-wear-and-am-over-everything-I-own moments (I know, I know!) and didn't have time to sift through thrift store racks, so I made a last minute run to H&M.

thrifty style

I ended up getting a pair of printed pants--which are super comfy and I've already worn multiple times--and a basic light gray sweater for around $45 for both. I've been feeling like I'm embarrassingly low on basics, so I'm trying to stop with the sequins and bold patterns and go with more versatile pieces--in other words, trying to dress more like a real adult.

h&m pants

I wore both the pants and sweater with my blue Roxy hat ($10.80, also worn here) and my black wedges ($35) from TJMaxx. With the addition of a silver necklace ($4) from my friend's closet clean-out sale, everything came out to just under $95. A little pricer than my usual ensembles,  but hey, we all fall off the thrift wagon sometimes, haha. 

budget fashion

Friday Updates

salvation army coat sale

Had to make the switch from iced coffee to hot coffee this morning--so I guess that means fall is really happening. It also means that the 2014 Salvation Army Coat Sale is right around the corner, and if you checked out last year's recap, you know this annual event is one of the best of the season. (Check out the funky shag vest I picked up last year above!)

The sale is held on the first Saturday of each month, from October-December, at the Salvation Army's Hell's Kitchen outpost (536 W. 46th Street). For all you NYC-area thrifters interested in hitting up this year's sale, here are the official dates for 2014:

October 4
November 1
December 6

Doors typically open at around 9am, but there are usually plenty of eager shoppers lined up outside the door before then. I try to arrive between 8:30-8:45am just to be safe. 

On another thrift-related note, I wanted to give you all a heads up on a new e-book published by fellow thrifting blogger Looking Fly on a Dime earlier this week. Here's a quick description pulled from her blog:

I really wanted to provide my readers with a comprehensive, A to Z guide of thrift shopping. This book is broken down into three parts and covers:
*what to do before you hit the thrift store {how to find one, best days to go, etc.}
*top strategies while you shop {what sections of the store to hit first, how to cut down on buyer’s remorse}
*how to clean your thrift shop clothes and style them to make the cheap clothing look expensive
— http://lookingflyonadime.com

Whether you're looking to try thrifting for the first time, or are a seasoned vet who wants to brush up on your skills, this is pretty much the only thrifting guide you'll need. You can get a copy on Amazon here. Happy hunting!

Going Dotty

thrifted fashion

In a city as big as NYC, there's def a risk of coming down with a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Usually, I'm able to cure it with a quick reality check, but sometimes it can be hard to fend off, especially when it's Fashion Week. Both work and my home life have been crazy busy the last couple of days, and seeing the endless tweets and instagrams from fashion shows and events had me feeling just a tiny bit like I was missing out on a whole lotta fun.

thrifted style
sheer dress
thrifting blog

Luckily, I happened to be free when blogger buddy Sunita V. came through with an invite to a couple shows in midtown earlier this week, so I got a chance to partake in some mini-NYFW festivities. I managed to piece together a look using a sheer, polka-dotted dress from ASOS ($28, also worn here), switching out the dress's plain white slip with a black crop top ($1, scored from a friend's closet clean-out sale) and thrifted black mini skirt ($4, Unique Thrift Store) to give it a little edge.

thrifted style
thrifting blog
thrifting nyc

I added some hand-me-down black wedges, $6 street vendor sunnies and a $5 bag (also worn here and here), bringing my head-to-toe look to $44.

thrifted fashion nyc