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Morning thrifters! With all the craziness of last week's move, plus Friday's clothing swap party (recap will be up soon!), I haven't had much time to upload new photos recently. But now that I'm settled into my new apartment and have finally unpacked (most of!) my clothes, I've squeezed in some time to go back and post a few backlogged pics.

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I had totally forgotten about this laid-back weekend look I put together on a hot, sticky Saturday in Manhattan. At the time, I was craving a break from being stuck inside packing, and luckily was able to round up a couple of girlfriends for some last minute cookies and milkshakes at Momofuku Milk Bar. Since it felt like a million degrees out, I decided to stick with a light blue-and-white striped button-up I found at Underground Thrift's Stuff-A-Sack sale for roughly $1.50.

striped shirt
gladiator sandals

I paired the casual top with some faded vintage cutoffs ($0.89, from Goodwill and also worn here), plus a gifted cream bag and my white jelly gladiators (last worn here), which I found for just $5 in the Cauz for Pawz bargain basement. I finished off the look with a pair of borrowed sunnies from Sunita V, and head to toe, the whole look came out to under $8.

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Summer Swap-A-Holic

Photo: fashinvest

Photo: fashinvest

With summer hitting the halfway mark, all those weekend roadtrips, cute new swimsuits and rooftop margaritas have probably made a pretty big dent in your wallet. And even though I've abstained from all three of those things this year, a summertime cross-city move has still managed to drain my shopping budget for the next few months.

So what's a budget-conscious chick to do when she's got a serious shopping itch? One super easy/fun way to save money while still snagging new-to-you loot is to host a swap. And because all things are made better with food, drinks and some girly entertainment, it's even more fun to turn your swap into a "girls' night in" party, complete with cocktails and a movie.

On Friday, I'll be hosting a swap party of my own, with a little help from online consignment marketplace SnobSwapStella & Dot and Fox Digital HD. I've invited some of my favorite fashionistas, and asked them to bring along 4-8 clothing and accessory items to swap. Then, post-swap, we'll stream Fox Digital's The Other Woman, which stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton and, from the trailer, seems to be tailor made for a girls' night in. (Sample tagline: "It's Bras Before Bros.")

I'll be posting pics from my summer swap party after Friday (or, you can follow along with #OtherWomanSwap on Twitter and Instagram!) on the blog, and if you're thinking of throwing your own bash, here are a few tips:

  • Keep the invite list tight! Things can get a bit hectic if there's just too much stuff. Are you super popular? No worries, you can hold multiple swaps with different groups of friends.
  • Let your guests know to ONLY bring items in great condition. This is not the time for people to be unloading their ratty middle school T-shirts. (Unless it's the perfect ratty middle school T-shirt.)
  • It's all about the presentation--create a separate space to organize and display your guests' items so they look their best.
  • Keep things fair. Ask guests to only take as many items as they bring, and I'd also recommend having a number system in place (i.e., the guest that picks #1 out of a hat gets to choose first, and so on) to avoid any swap-related resentment.
  • Have a "fitting room" ready. Don't have a room to spare? Just cordon off a corner with clothesline and a sheet for an instant mini changing area. And don't forget the floor length mirror!

American Denim

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Is there any item of clothing more American than a faded denim jacket? To celebrate last weekend's July 4th holiday, I pulled out my thrifted Calvin Klein version, which I scored at Unique Thrift Store during a 50% off sale for just $5. 

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embroidered top

I paired the jacket with a white embroidered top ($15) and navy blue shorts ($20), both purchased at a J Crew outlet store during a 50% off sale (are you sensing a pattern??). Then I finished off the all-American look with a pair of $10 Dolce Vita metallic flats from Goodwill (also worn here) and some $6 sunnies, and added a necessary splash of red with some Essie nail polish. Head to toe, the whole thing came out to $56.

thrifted denim jacket